Message From Principal

Education is the fundamental right of every citizen. But in this world many of the citizens are neither bothered about nor availed education in its real sense. Britishers left India years before, but the significance of English is deeply rooted in Indian soil and everywhere in this world. English is a language through which every one can communicate each other easily. For attaining English education in its real meaning. Sendhwians have no other option, than sending the children to Gurukul The Real English Medium School.
The Gurukul campus is located at shiv colony a generous 2 acres, landscape to blend harmoniously with the surrounding.The premises and facilities enable the school to excel further in the range of opportunities and experience that can be offered to students. The architecture is outstanding and modern.

Shikha Trivedi (Principal)
B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed, M.B.A

July 4, 2018